Friday, March 30, 2007

Short on food $?

If your grocery bill seems to always be running too high, check out Angel Food Ministries. For just $25, you can buy a box filled with meat and side dishes. You order approximately two weeks before pickup at a location near you (churches, etc.).

What will you get? Our April box will include: 6 hamburger steaks with bacon, 4 pork chops, 2lb. breaded chicken breast fillets, 1 lb ground beef, 1 lb meatballs, 2 lb breaded chicken tenders, 1 pizza, 1 pkg corn dogs, 1 bag french fries, 1 bag frozen corn, 1 bag frozen green beans, 1 can pork & beans, 1 lb pinto beans, 1 gravy, 1 bag rice, 1 pancake mix, and 1 pie!

For us, I can use that in quite a few meals. We've been ordering since January, and have found most of the food to be pretty good. Like anything, there are a few things we loved, most were good, and a few just weren't to our taste. But for $25, it's a great deal (unless you are dealing with lots of food restrictions/allergies). The food boxes make a great gift to pass along to someone else who could use it as well.

Although most pick-up sites are churches, there aren't any requirements to join/attend or even volunteer. There are no income requirements ~ poor, rich, somewhere in between, all are welcome to purchase from Angel Food Ministries. If you are on food stamps, most sites accept EBT. So give it a try, and watch your grocery bill come back to earth!

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